A Year Gone By (EP)

by Go to the West

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Our third EP.


released July 30, 2016

Joey Turner - vocals, guitar
Shane Cabral - vocals, guitar
Ethan Hibionada - drums
Matt Fraser - bass

All songs written and composed by Go to the West.

Additional instruments:
Anton DeLost - percussion/string arrangements
Bradley Garcia - trumpet on Pearl and Sauble, piano on Pearl and Chasing Jane
Mike Tompa - strings on Chasing Jane

Produced/Mixed/Engineered by Anton DeLost at Lost Recordings.
Recorded in London, Ontario (2014) and Toronto, Ontario (2015).
Assistant Engineered by Jeremy Clarke
Mastered by John Naclerio (Nada Studios)

Photos taken by Andrea Maga

We thank our families and friends.



all rights reserved


Go to the West Hamilton, Ontario

We are an indie-rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.

Contact and booking: gotothewestmusic@hotmail.com

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Track Name: Damp Knot
i remember walking down the street,
i remember the shadows beneath our feet forever chasing me.
i remember knocking at your door, you gave me less when i needed more.
i needed more.

but then i poured my heart out on your floor.

i remembered like it was the other day.
you told me everything was gonna be ok.
well it hurt so bad, it hurt so bad
but here you’re lying, but here you’re lying here on the edge of my bed on the floor.
it’s been so long oh it’s been so long.
i’m coming home.

well are we gonna talk about it or are we just running around,
much like my heart.
well it hurt so bad, oh it hurt so bad to hear you’re dying,
but here you’re dying just to get a little bit more.
it’s been so long, oh it’s been so long and i poured my heart out.

it’s been so long and i’m coming home.
Track Name: Vacant
i fell from wherever you left me.
woke up, i wasn’t who i want to be.
skip town, i wasn’t where i want to be.
found her, she’s exactly who she wants to be.

i don’t know who i am. i don’t know who i was back then.
can i get a little something for my head?

she’s life, i’m living heavy. she couldn’t help me if she tried.
well i’m vacant, empty bones and skin,
i’m moving in a hollow grave.

look at my eyes, stare at my eyes; you won’t find me.
Track Name: Pearl
it's late at night and you feel so caught up,
these feelings that you have must have come from your cup.
i feel like i am being used.
you say that this is way too good to be true,
so i am here to make a fool out of you.
i feel like never letting go.

and i’m not feeling better, i’m not feeling worse.
now you’re nothing more than some words and a verse.
so i’ll follow my heart.

i pray for nights, nights like this.
where it starts with your name and it ends with a kiss.
but I never thought that i would love a girl,
a girl so cool,
you caught my eye at the neighbourhood pool.

we're so invincible.
Track Name: Chasing Jane
i went chasing jane
through the mountains, and the rivers and the plains.
she tore a hole in my chest and my soul
when i was just a fool in love.

when i was just a fool in love.
tore my heart out and ran with it
when i was just a fool in love.

i went chasing jane,
she went chasing rain.
storms were all she knew and can afford,
and i was just a warm summer breeze.

i went chasing jane
through the stories of where she’s been.
all that’s left are words from the stranger.

and now i’m just wasting away.
Track Name: Sauble
you’ve got gold and everything to hold
of fortune of rusted goods, misunderstood.

i fell asleep to rivers and dreams.
sauble river don’t forget me.

i’ve never seen a night like this, it’s a sight i’m gonna miss.
i can’t believe it’s over; a night like this.

i stare alone at the night sky,
i’m not ready to go home.

it’s nights like this that make me feel alive.
they say that silence is bliss, it makes me feel inside.

don’t forget me.